Why Goat?

Why Goat?


Ishita was born and raised in Kolkata in a Punjabi household, imbibing in her an interesting mix of cuisine and culture. The oldest of three siblings Ishita is a natural leader. She did her Communication Management at University of Southern California and went on to her role as Product Communicator at an independent biotechnology firm in California.

As part of her time across India and US, Ishita learnt the food and dairy consumption was very different in both the countries. It was in California that she first came across friends who identified as lactose intolerant. This led her to explore the dairy industry and their practices focusing on her home country.

In 2016 Ishita decided to return to India determined to give people a natural low lactose dairy option. Culturally, India consumes huge amounts of dairy from childhood and Indians do not register the lactose intolerance. Having learnt that 70% of the world is lactose intolerant she felt that there must be many Individuals in India that are simply unaware that they could also be!

With the undercurrent desire to contribute to the Indian health sector, Ishita felt that she should venture into alternative sources of dairy that ensured nutrition and moved away from the traditional cow milk. The industry practice of reconstituting the dehydrated cow milk is what alarmed her since there are no stringent regulations about this process.

She felt that fresh goat milk was the ideal solution to all her concerns. Goat milk and its products are high on nutrition and easy to digest. They are low on lactose and cholesterol and have additional nutraceutical benefits. Goat Milk aids metabolism, is low on fat and boosts immunity. It is also high on Vitamin C thereby improving skin and hair. Goat Milk is closest in structure to human milk, making it an ideal for infants.

Bonus: Ishita discovered that goat milk is great for dogs when her own doggy Max, was unwell and had lost his appetite. Needless to say Max loved the goat milk and recovered quickly.


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