Our Story

Foraging for them and consuming essential herbs and nutritious shrubs, goats produce milk that can be compared to elixir. Closest in composition to mother’s milk, it has the potency to provide essential nutrients, boost immunity, improve skin, treat diseases and get digested despite that leaky gut!

Nutragoat is an earnest endeavour to bring to you the best of goats’ milk products. Our products range has been crafted from the finest quality of milk sourced from India’s rural dairy goat farmers. In consuming Nutragoat products you not only take yourself closer to health but also bring smiles to innumerable goat farmers, who have so far remained the anonymous contributors to our dairy space.

Can’t digest milk?

Dairy intolerance can be observed in the forms of bloating, pain or cramps in the lower belly, gurgling or rumbling sounds in the lower belly, gas, vomiting or loose or foamy stools.

Almost 70% of Indians are intolerant to lactose in some capacity!

Could goats’ milk be an answer for the dairy intolerants?

Goats’ milk is low in lactose and higher in essential vitamins and minerals, as compared to cow’s milk.

Naturally A2, goats’ milk is non-inflammatory, non-allergenic, and closest in composition to mother’s milk! In fact turning goat milk into products such as yoghurt, butter, paneer and cheese further breaks the lactose.

Goats’ milk is thus a natural choice for enjoying the benefits of dairy without those usual complaints!

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