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Our Story



Our Story

Foraging for and consuming essential herbs and nutritious shrubs, goats produce milk that can be compared to elixir. Closest in composition to mother’s milk, it has the potency to provide essential nutrients, boost immunity, improve skin, treat diseases and get digested despite that leaky gut!

Nutragoat is an earnest endeavour to bring to you the best of goats’ milk products. Our products range has been crafted from the finest quality of milk sourced from India’s rural dairy goat farmers. In consuming Nutragoat products you not only take yourself closer to health but also bring smiles to innumerable goat farmers, who have so far remained the anonymous contributors to our dairy space.

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Why Nutragoat?

The perfect


Why Nutragoat?

Goat Milk Facts
Easy to Digest
Boosts Heart Health
Boosts Immunity
Closest to mother’s milk, your toddler will love it!
Controls Obesity
Rich in Calcium
Improves Skin & Hair
Increases Metabolism

Mahatma Gandhi’s chosen drink 🙂



Higher amount of A2 protein in it makes it closest to human breast milk.

Protein and Fat structure in goat milk is similar to that of
human milk.

Contains high levels of growth factors similar to those found in
human milk making it an essential diet for the young ones.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins are often
present in goat milk at levels similar to human milk.

Enhanced digestibility as Protein molecules are thinner and fat
molecules have more fragile membranes.

Has similar level of pH to humans milk.

Whereas cow milk take hours to digest, goat milk is digested in 30

Better option than cow’s milk for children when they move away from mother’s milk.


Fewer allergenic proteins: Higher A2 casein.

Less lactose. Hence, good for ones with lactose intolerance.

Protein and chemical structure in goat milk is similar to that of human milk. Hence, more digestible and acceptable to the body.


Characterized by high bioavailability of proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Goat’s milk contains more calcium, Vitamin A and B-6, Potassium than
cow’s milk.

It has more niacin, copper and selenium.

Absorption of micronutrients like iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium is more efficient with goat milk.

Reduces the chances of contracting type-1 diabetes.

Goat milk soothes the digestive tract.

Alkalinizes the blood and the intestine.

Because it has higher calcium, it prevents obesity.

Antimicrobial, boosts immune system and prevents buildup of cholesterol in blood.


Fatty acids and triglycerides along with keeping insides healthy, helps one to look good on outside also, their moisturising qualities keep skin baby soft.

High levels of Vit A improves overall skin health and fights acne. GOODBYE PIMPLES.

Lactic acid of Goat’s milk helps get rid of dead skin cells.

Has similar level of pH to human milk thus, absorbed by skin much readily.


Properties of Goat’s Milk
Rasa Panchaka (Ayurvedic Pharmacological Properties)

Taste – Kashaya (Astringent), Madhura (sweet)

Guna – Laghu (light), Grahi (absorbant)

Virya – Shita (cold)

Vipaka – Madhura (Sweet)

Action on Dosha – Predominantly pacifies pitta

Actions and Uses – Beneficial in Raktapitta (bleeding disorders), atisara (diarrhea), kshaya (wasting), kasa (cough) and jwara (fever).


Gives desserts creamy, melt in mouth texture.

Goat whey is a safer supplement for lactose intolerant body builders.

Goat whey protein can also be added to pet’s diet for better muscles, shiny and finer coat.


Products You’ll Love


The Rosa

Products You'll Love

Goat Pitaara

Goat Pitaara

Open up to the world of goats’ milk and feel free to reach out if there’s any thing you’d like to know and we haven’t covered!


Goats' milk is superior to a cow’s because it is high in calcium and amino acids such as tryptophan, which are necessary to promote growth of healthy bones.

Goats' milk is low in lactose and very easily digested. The A2 protein composition makes it non-inflammatory and non-allergenic. If you are sensitive to cow/buffalo milk, goat milk could be a safer and healthy low-lactose dairy option for you!

If you are a lactose intolerant body builder - goat whey is a safer supplement for you!
Contrary to popular belief, goats' milk DOES NOT stink. Certain factors however, could lead to the milk picking up an odour. For example, goats release a hormone called pheromone when kept in close proximity with bucks (male goats). This contributes to a slight odour in the milk. Nutragoat imparts trainings to farmers on correct rearing and milk handling practices to ensure that only the best and tastiest milk is collected for and delivered to you.
You might experience lesser congestion and sinus problems because goats' milk is non-mucus forming. But now, that's just the start of the benefits!
Absolutely! Goats' milk is low in cholesterol and composed of medium chain fatty acids, making it very easy to digest. It's higher in protein and calcium - minerals linked with weight loss. Also it has smaller fat globules which make it easier to digest Ask your dietitian about the benefits of goat milk and its products!
Goats' milk is closest in composition to human milk, making it the next best alternative to mother's milk. Ask your physician before introducing goats' milk to your little one.
You can find Nutragoat at the convenience of your doorstep, just follow our online shopping instructions and let us take care of the rest!